A cup of tea brings people together. Or as we believe
at Shi Jian Tea: "The world is made simple over a brew of tea."

Shi Jian Tea is co founded by Franco, a fifth generation grower and producer of Taiwanese tea, and Creative Director Brenda, marrying tea and design to portray a minimalist yet modern brand identity that resonates with subtle clean lines and understated elegance. Experience the savoire faire of exceptional Taiwanese teas in a completely new light.

Every tea certified tea master at Shi Jian Tea has to undergo a painstaking 600-hour apprenticeship and inquiry into the vast universe of Taiwanese tea varietals, philosophies and values in tea culture as well as becoming thoroughly proficient in multiple tea brewing processes. By insisting on applying the most traditional and complex of tea brewing methods, Shi Jian Tea’s tea masters are endlessly searching for ways to coax the essence from Taiwanese tea leaves or as the yardstick of a good brew would dictate: 1. The first brew accentuates the aromas of the tea; 2. The second brew accentuates the flavors of the tea on the palette.

Beginner’s Tea Lesson Contents

1. An Introduction to the Teas of Taiwan
Take a sneak peak into the universe of Taiwanese tea by tasting different varietals of green, white, oxidized and black (red) Taiwanese teas. Fully engage your senses and experience the different characteristics each varietal of Taiwanese tea presents. Understand the history and terroir of the teas and their estates through our multi faceted coverage and knowledge of tea, applying concepts that will both engage and attract you to the lifestyle of tea. And of course, not forgetting to taste every cup of tea along the way.

2. The Craft of Roasting & Tasting Taiwanese Teas
How do you differentiate a light, medium or heavy roasted tea? Taste the subtle yet distinct differences of what constitutes the different degrees of roasted teas using the numerical concepts of: 0, 3, 5 and 10, which is a classification used to define the different degrees of tea roasting.
Apart from the differences in degrees of oxidization of Taiwanese teas, perhaps the most important factor in the tea roasting process is defined by the roaster’s experience, technique as well as the sensitivities towards the subtle differences in taste and smell which defines how well the tea is roasted to tailor to the tastes and preferences that the tea brand wishes to portray to it’s customers.

3. Methods of Brewing Taiwanese Teas
Discover the simple techniques that define a good brew of hot tea, understand the benefits of cold brew tea as well as be intrigued by how ice drip tea is made.
While the estate, growth and harvesting of tea plays a deciding role in the quality of the brew, the brewing method is of equal significance. The final step in determining the taste of tea takes you on a journey to discover the methods of brewing which will help you brew a good cup of tea you can enjoy every day.