Hot Brew

Hot brewing of tea is a world famous and classical way to experience the best flavors and aromas of tea. It is as well the most well developed tea brewing method being practiced and adapted in each tea culture globally.

A. The Golden Ratio
Brewing hot tea begins by pouring hot water onto the tea leaves. The suggested tea leaves to water ratio is 1:50, for example, 1g of tea leaves requires 50cc of hot water for brewing.

B. Brewing Temperature
Different types of teas need to be brewed at different temperatures varies from its own characteristics.
The Suggested Temperatures for Brewing Shi Jian Tea’s tea:
Unoxidized Tea 80°C
Lightly Oxidized Tea 90°C
50% Oxidized or Roasted Oolong Tea 95°C
Black Tea 85°C

C. Brewing Time
1st Brew: 50s
2nd Brew: 40s
3rd Brew: 30s
The brewing time is increased by 10 seconds on each successive brew from the 3rd brew onwards and can be further brewed for more than 4 brews.
The strength of the brew can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the brewing time according to one’s personal preferences.

Hot Brew Over Ice

While some teas turn astringent when ice cubes are introduced to the brew, certain brews on the other hand react well to the element of ice.
Allow us to show you how brewing hot tea over ice will yield aromas and crisp flavors that are both surprisingly good and refreshing.

A. Proportion of Ice Cubes
The quantity of ice cubes used should fill 1/3 of the cup used to contain the brew, for example, a 300cc cup will require 100g of ice cubes.

B. Golden Ratio
Begin the brew by pouring hot water over the tea leaves. Tea leaves : Water Ratio is 1:50, for example, 1g of tea leaves will require 50cc of water.

C. Brewing Temperature
The different characteristics of each tea require a different temperature treatment.
Suggested Temperatures for Brewing Shi Jian Tea’s tea catalogue:
Unoxidized Tea 80°C
Lightly Oxidized Tea 90°C
50% Oxidized or Roasted Oolong Tea 95°C

D. Pouring the Hot Brew over the Ice Cubes
Taking advantage of the rapid cooling effect of pouring the hot brew over the ice cubes, the act of pouring over ice shocks the tea brew and locks in all the flavors of the brew almost instantaneously.

E. Brewing Time
Given the dilution effects the ice cubes have over a regular hot brew, the suggested brewing time for each hot brew over ice is in excess of 20 seconds of each successive brews in the hot brewing method i.e. T + 20s. The timing can be further adjusted to suit one’s tastes and preferences.
1st Brew: 70s
2nd Brew: 60s
3rd Brew: 50s
The subsequent brewing time is increased by 10 seconds on each successive brew from the 3rd brew onwards and can be further brewed for up to 4 brews.

Cold Brew

Enjoy a cup of iced tea with all its natural flavors, healthy and sugar free.
A simple and straightforward brewing method uses extended brewing time to extract the natural sweetness of the tea, yielding a smooth and crisp brew.

A. Golden Ratio
Pour iced water over the tea leaves to begin the brew. The tea leaves to water ratio is 1:50, for example, 1g of tea leaves requires 50cc of water.

B. Brewing Time
Refrigerate the cold brewed tea for 15 hours before drinking.

Ice Drip

Layer and upon layer of flavors begin to develop over time, as time slows to almost a halt with the ice melting over the tea leaves. While there are similarities in brewing method of ice drip and cold brewing, a few details distinguish an ice drip tea from a cold brew tea.

A. Ice Cubes & Iced Water
Place the ice cubes in the dripping apparatus which contains the tea leaves below. The ice cubes to iced water ratio is 1:2, for example, if the capacity of the dripper receptacle is 600cc, the quantity of ice cubes used should be 200cc, while the quantity of iced water used should be 400cc.

B. Golden Ratio
The tea leaves to water ratio is 1:33, for example, 1g of tea leaves will require 33g of water.

C. Ice Drip Cycle
The suggested dripping cycle is 6 hours which should yield a capacity of 600cc of ice drip tea, translating into a drip interval of 1 drop of melted ice water every 3 seconds falling onto the tea leaves.

Step-by-Step Shopping Procedure

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4. Checkout & Payment
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Terms & Conditions of Use

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13. Should you decide to cancel your order, kindly call Shi Jian Tea as soon as possible; should your product or service be shipped or happen to be in the process of shipment at the time of your cancellation, the costs of shipment incurred shall be charged to you before refunding the remaining sum.

14. For company bulk purchases or special requests for large-scale customization or events, please call to enquire and we shall be happy to assist you.

Payment Methods

1. PayPal

2. Credit Card Payment Options:
VISA, MasterCard, JCB
Upon successful transaction of payment, an email will be sent to inform the customer about the shipment.

3. ATM Bank Transfer
Account Name: 睦木股份有限公司
Bank Name: 永豐銀行 新泰 Branch (Branch Code: 807)
Account Number: 010-018-0002187-6
a. Once the bank transfer has been made, kindly email stating your order number, registered member name, transferred amount, and the last five digits of your bank account used to perform the bank transfer.
b. Upon receipt of your email and confirmation of your payment, an email will be sent to your registered mailbox to inform you about your expedited shipment.
In order to avoid any possible disputes which may arise from the ATM bank transfer in making payment for your online purchase, kindly retain the receipt of your bank transfer as proof for future verification should the need arise.

4. Payment upon delivery
a. Once your order has been received, an email will be sent to your registered mailbox inform you about the shipment details.
b. Payment upon delivery shall incur additional transaction costs determined by the logistical company appointed to deliver the shipment and the cost of which shall be charged directly to the customer.

Terms & Conditions of Delivery & Shipment

1. Items in the shopping cart do not constitute a sale. Payment has to be made in order for the order to be processed. Shipment of the product or service shall only be made upon successful receipt of payment.

2. Upon successful receipt of payment or proof of purchase has been made, island wide delivery (within mainland Taiwan) and/or including to offshore islands in Taiwan shall be made within three (3) working days.

3. For urgent delivery requests, kindly inform us in advance and we shall do our best to adhere to your requests.

4. Should your order coincide with peak delivery seasons or special occasions with high volumes of delivery, receipt of your shipment may be delayed for more than three (3) working days. You are advised to make purchases in advance to avoid delays in receipt of shipment during peak seasons.

5. Complimentary shipping is available for purchases within Taiwan of NTD$3,000 and above.

6. Your shipment will include an invoice as proof of your purchase. In order to protect your shipment from incurring any defect(s) during the process of shipping, our products have been properly secured and wrapped to prevent any possibilities of damage to the product caused during the process of shipping. Please note that refunds for damage to the product caused as a result of unnecessary horizontal or side to side movement of the product during the shipping process shall not be counted as grounds for refund whatsoever.

Returns & Exchange Policy

1. In line with the consumer protection laws in Taiwan, each purchase is entitled to a seven (7) day grace period upon receipt of shipment to determine if they would like to accept or return their product or service and thereby request for a refund should the customer decide to return the product. Please note that the aforementioned grace period does not constitute a product or service trial period. Should the customer decide that their purchase of the product or service is dissatisfactory, they shall not open or break the product seal or damage the packaging and/or the package contents in any way whatsoever. For returns of shipment, customers are required to contact Shi Jian Tea’s customer service within seven (7) days of receipt of the shipment to expedite the return or exchange request.

2. Due to food safety and hygiene reasons, Shi Jian Tea reserves the right to reject and deny any refund, exchange or returns request for any food item(s) which have already been opened and the seal broken prior to the return of the shipment.

3. If you should notice any visible defects on the product which differs from the actual product image displayed on the online store web page, kindly contact Shi Jian Tea immediately to arrange for an exchange within seven (7) working days. Kindly refrain from opening or using the defective product and/or package in any way.

4. Items which have been notified for exchange according to the returns and exchange policy of Shi Jian Tea shall remain in it’s original shipping condition without any visible damage caused to the product in any way whatsoever by the customer. The customer shall also provide the original invoice when shipping the exchange product back to Shi Jian Tea. The customer shall provide all the necessary items provided along with the product itself but not limited to the box containing the product, the accompanying internal and external packaging, accompanying accessories or utensils, user manuals, product manuals and/or complimentary gift items etc. Shi Jian Tea reserves the right to reject the exchange or returns request should the customer fail to comply with the above mentioned.

5. The customer shall bear the full cost of shipment should his/her reason for exchange be due to personal reasons and/or preferences.

6. Requests for returns or exchanges of products, unless due to defective products, are subject to the following terms and conditions stated below (which will determine the eligibility of the shipment for refund or returns, and if additional costs will be charged to the customer):
a. Under the assumption that the internal product has not been tampered with, the external product packaging shows visible signs of damage and/or the product seal has been tampered with.
b. The shipment is not in a brand new condition. (i.e. The packaging has been tampered with, there are visible blemishes on the product and/or the packaging, there is visible damage to the product and/or the packaging, there are visible signs of water dampness in the product and/or the product packaging etc.)
c. The product packaging is incomplete (the product packaging refers to but is not limited to the following item(s): the product itself, accessories accompanying the product, product casing, protective wrapping, shipping carton box, shipping invoices and product information cards, complimentary gifts etc.)
d. The product has visible blemishes and scratches which cannot be undone and reverted back to its original condition.

7. For refunds relating to customers who have made payment via ATM bank transfer, Shi Jian Tea shall verify the state and condition of the returned product before processing the refund to the customer’s registered bank account within ten (10) working days (excluding weekends and/or public holidays).

8. For refunds relating to customers who have made payment via credit card, Shi Jian Tea will verify the payment with the credit card issuing bank as well as verify the state and condition of the returned product before processing the refund via the issuing bank back to the customer’s credit card. The processing time for such refunds will take ten (10) to twelve (12) working days (excluding weekends and public holidays)

Product Storage Guidelines

Under normal storage conditions, the teas of Shi Jian Tea can be stored for up to three (3) years unopened. It is preferable to consume the tea within three (3) months upon the opening of the packaging in order to enjoy the full flavors of the tea. Avoid storing your tea in a damp environment, and to avoid storing your tea in direct contact with sunlight. It is also not advisable to store your tea together with other products with strong or distinct smells to prevent cross contamination of the flavors in teas that may yield undesirable results and experiences.