A Word from our Founder | Franco Chang

“Since 1860, our ancestors have been growing and making tea in Taiwan I grew up around mountains of harvested tea leaves in my family’s tea business. Therefore, I have gained intimate knowledge of exquisite teas produced in Taiwan. However, the world of tea is one of sophistication and a certain mystique, causing it to become somewhat intimidating to most people. This has led me to promote the concept of the “simplicity and sharing” of the art of tea. It will bridge the daunting world of tea and allow it to become accessible to everyone in their daily lives.”

The Origins of Shi Jian Tea

Endowed with Franco’s five generations of family heritage and expertise in tea-making, Shi Jian has since proposed the key concept of fine tea: “When you brew tea, the world becomes simple and pure”. We firmly believe that only by making use of the value of tea itself without deliberate addition, can we find the best classic tea that suits everyone.

In 2017, Shi Jian Tea opened its first concept store nearby Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. 19 high-quality Taiwanese tea products were successively launched, which subsequently won a combined total of 28 stars in the renowned Great Taste Awards from 2018 to 2022.

“Shi” (cross in Chinese) represents the nexus of friends and unique tea varieties from all across Taiwan, interwoven into a dense and fragrant “tea network” that catches the attention of the world. Through Shi Jian Tea, the captivating tea of Taiwan is shared with the world.

“Jian” (time in Chinese) represents Franco’s family heritage in tea-making. Shi Jian Tea is a space that accommodates fine tea from all corners of the island so that the best teas of Taiwan can be seen, heard, and celebrated.

Made from Select Tea Varieties | A Work of Artisanal Dedication in Every Cup

From more than a hundred varieties of tea trees in Taiwan, Franco has meticulously selected ten varieties that best epitomize Shi Jian, including: Wuyi, Ruan Zhi Oolong, Chin-Shin-Dapang, Chin-Shin-Ganzai, Jinxuan, Four Season, Ruby, and Iron Goddess. Based on the different characteristics of the tea varieties, they are carefully roasted by our master craftsmen and made into distinctive Taiwanese teas featuring “floral, creamy, fruity, honey, brown sugary, woody, and smoky” flavor profiles.

Renaissance of Taiwanese Tea | A Bright Outlook

To convey the refined enjoyment of tea tasting, Shi Jian Tea founder and brand director Brenda has resolved to break away from tradition and incorporate new and innovative ideas. The eye-catching and simple design endows Taiwanese tea with a new soul and a charming modern look.

The unique container "Cold-Brew Glass Bottle" conveys the degree of fermentation of tea and the taste of the roasting length through "00, 05, 10" markings, and uses a transparent bottle to showcase the beautiful allure of the color tea. Just like a work of art, enjoyment and taste are encapsulated in Shi Jian Tea’s products.

Shi Jian Tea has even incorporated chic stylistic elements through its "Chain Bag Gift Set" series. The gift set is transformed into a “handbag” with a minimal yet uncompromising design. The exquisite chain imbues an avant-garde flair that balances tradition with modernity and embodies elegant style. Tea has once again become vogue as a great accessory piece.

Not only that, Shi Jian Tea has also collaborated with other boutique brands to create a fashionable trend for Taiwanese tea and sparked the exciting blend of tea-making craftsmanship with the latest trends.

Simple, intricate, and refined stylistic concepts are present in each corner of Shi Jian Tea. We invite you to sit down with us and savor a cup of Taiwanese tea in ultimate enjoyment.

Brewing & Sharing

Shi Jian Tea is co founded by Franco, a fifth generation grower and producer of Taiwanese tea, and Creative Director Brenda, marrying tea and design to portray a minimalist yet modern brand identity that resonates with subtle clean lines and understated elegance. Experience the savoire faire of exceptional Taiwanese teas in a completely new light.

The flagship store is located in the heart of Taipei’s Xinyi District at Sect. 4 Zhongxiao East Road, Ln. 533. The glass-clad store is fronted by a snow-white minimalist façade, while attempting to portray a homogenous unified space that flows seamlessly from the exterior to the interior. Let time pass unnoticed while enjoying the time and space of Shi Jian Tea while sharing life over a cup of tea.

We are deeply immersed in both our work and life, appreciate the joys of building friendships, love a good smile, and cherish the limitless possibilities of life. But when it comes to brewing a good cup of tea, it demands our unwavering professionalism and commands our deepest attention, an act which is often seemingly simple yet profound altogether.

Every tea certified tea master at Shi Jian Tea has to undergo a painstaking 600-hour apprenticeship and inquiry into the vast universe of Taiwanese tea varietals, philosophies and values in tea culture as well as becoming thoroughly proficient in multiple tea brewing processes. By insisting on applying the most traditional and complex of tea brewing methods, Shi Jian Tea’s tea masters are endlessly searching for ways to coax the essence from Taiwanese tea leaves or as the yardstick of a good brew would dictate: 1. The first brew accentuates the aromas of the tea; 2. The second brew accentuates the flavors of the tea on the palette.