Brewing and Sharing

Life with tea makes everything easier. Smoothly and steadily combined boiled water with tea leaves, a great cup of tea with natural sweetness and pleasant aroma been made. Life is like this cup of tea, without any deliberate and burden. So straight forward like its got nothing to hide. To bring out the best potential of tea, Shi Jian Tea house supervised tea manufacturing process from the beginning till the end and maximize the quality itself. Just like what life is; every day people live for what is worthy and strike for simple satisfaction and happiness.

Life with tea makes everything easier. When the steeping process begins and the aromatic flavor fills up the room, without further communication. It brings two unfamiliar souls closer, stress released. With cup of Taiwanese Oolong which got great draws (up to 7 draws). It catches individual’s attention with the story behind and share this piece of Taiwanese specialty culture to the world. It is the closest production from motherland that provides a quick getaway.

Life with tea makes everything easier. To make this cup of tea, we build this tea utopia . Everytime looking at the roasting process of our tea, it recalled the days of childhood. Still remember first time seeing the tea roasting process upclose in the tea factory back home. Staring at the tea watching it slowly roasting and color changing through time. The aromatic flavor spreads and reaches miles away. The satisfaction, throbbing of soul is something that has locked in our memories till now. Capture that moment of warmth and here it is. Between alleys Shi Jian Tea house provides not only nice but delicate tea with comfortable place for individuals to relax and immerse. If listen careful enough, tea leaves in the pot have its own rhythm like it is breathing. Among all the variety of tea, Shi Jian Tea house offers fresh tea leaves with light, medium and heavy roasted. Accordingly customers could fully experience all kinds of tea and discover their preferences.

Life with tea makes everything easier. Through cup of tea, it closes the gap between one and another. It could be family, friends even strangers. Take tea as a book of art which is extensive and profound. Everytime reading it, different sense of reactions displayed but still obtain that familiarity. People got to know that tea is not as simple as it seems. It is not only a drink but also part of culture and lifestyle.

Life with tea makes everything easier.

Shi Jian's world is simple but delicate. This cup of tea exists just for you

Brewing & Sharing

Shi Jian Tea is co founded by Franco, a fifth generation grower and producer of Taiwanese tea, and Creative Director Brenda, marrying tea and design to portray a minimalist yet modern brand identity that resonates with subtle clean lines and understated elegance. Experience the savoire faire of exceptional Taiwanese teas in a completely new light.

The flagship store is located in the heart of Taipei’s Xinyi District at Sect. 4 Zhongxiao East Road, Ln. 533. The glass-clad store is fronted by a snow-white minimalist façade, while attempting to portray a homogenous unified space that flows seamlessly from the exterior to the interior. Let time pass unnoticed while enjoying the time and space of Shi Jian Tea while sharing life over a cup of tea.

We are deeply immersed in both our work and life, appreciate the joys of building friendships, love a good smile, and cherish the limitless possibilities of life. But when it comes to brewing a good cup of tea, it demands our unwavering professionalism and commands our deepest attention, an act which is often seemingly simple yet profound altogether.

Every tea certified tea master at Shi Jian Tea has to undergo a painstaking 600-hour apprenticeship and inquiry into the vast universe of Taiwanese tea varietals, philosophies and values in tea culture as well as becoming thoroughly proficient in multiple tea brewing processes. By insisting on applying the most traditional and complex of tea brewing methods, Shi Jian Tea’s tea masters are endlessly searching for ways to coax the essence from Taiwanese tea leaves or as the yardstick of a good brew would dictate: 1. The first brew accentuates the aromas of the tea; 2. The second brew accentuates the flavors of the tea on the palette.