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Black Oolong


  • Origin | Mingjian, Nantou, Taiwan
  • Origin Altitude | 500 Meter
  • Dry Leaves | Ball shap
  • Roasting Degree | Heavy-roasting
  • Fermentation Degree | Medium fermentation
  • Liquor Colour | Black red
  • Aromas | Smoky and caramel aroma
  • Flavors | Caramel flavor
  • Specification | 150g

Having a cup of Black Oolong which has black touch with red in hand is like holding a piece of silence when the night falls.With tea garden situated about 500 meters in Mingjian Township, Nantou. Black Oolong is famous for its unique caramel flavor. Its roasted by professional tea roasting export side by side to perfection. With roasting degree of ten out of ten, the essense of tea is brought out.

Living days and nights upside down, why not give Black Oolong a try. A night owl like you could not live without coffee but still want to get rid of it. Black Olong with half fermented in ball shape, it carries layered of aroma. With tea leaves slowy expanding in the pot, it comes with smoky flavor like coffee cause of the heavy roasting process. Through the long-time roasting in high temperature, the sugar in tea got caramelize. It brings out its smooth and meelow texture, creating its rich honey and caramel aroma. It is also has low stomach irratation, could use as appetizer drink.