Double circle teawares
Double Circle Tea Cup (S)


  • Material | earthenware
  • Size | Diameter 5.5 cm H 4.5 cm
  • Capacity | 50 cc
  • Country |  Taiwan

This could be a time to stand tall and be alone.
Could be a time to interface others and share.

We believe in beauty of time, it has infinite possibilities. With a great capacity tea set we designed, it let us not only be able to immerse in the moment but also share with others in life. 

Double circle design
To make teapot easier to clean; we brought in the large bore circle design as symbol of time, and the plumpness of tea pitcher makes it easier to hold.

Smooth & Delicate touch
To present the humbleness after aging, we sinter our teaware using original mine soil from Miaoli Taiwan. Gives it a rusty linear with granulate touch.

Special gift
We treasure every special moment. To commemorate our hand made pottery being made, we inscribe under each teaware using Chinese word "十". Which is the first word of our Chinese company name.

Hand full motherland

[All of our teaware are custom-made in Taiwan, using the material from Miaoli, Taiwan]

material detail: spot soil from Miaoli Taiwan

If you give it a try, the touch in hand does not lie.
Holding each teaware in Shi Jian Tea house, immerse in its mildness.
We appreciate simple beauty, so we choose spot soil from Miaoli Taiwan as material.
With its rich mineral substance, it reveals its original color after kiln burning.
Its iron rusty linear gives it a strong personality but keeps its original granulate touch.
It is the color of land but also steadfastness of life.