05 medium
Oriental Beauty


  • Origin | Pinglin, New Taipei city, Taiwan
  • Origin Altitude | 500 Meter
  • Dry Leaves | Twist shape
  • Roasting Degree | Non-roasting
  • Fermentation Degree | Heavy fermentation
  • Liquor Colour | Orange yellow
  • Aromas | Sweet fruit fragrance
  • Flavors | Honey sweet flavor
  • Specification | 50g

Oriental Beauty also known as White Tip Oolong Tea or Formosa Oolong Tea, it means "beautiful island-Taiwan" and is also a favorite of the British Queen. It is selected from Taiwan premium tea tree, which is carefully made by old tea farmers.

It has a unique flavor (Fruit, honey flavor), spray-free pesticides. A limited number of production. For 50 grams of tea, other teas can be made with only 100 to 200 tea buds, while Oriental Beauty requires at least 250 to 300 tea buds to make, and all use fresh heart buds.

Oriental beauty is limited to summer harvesting. In the summer of Taiwan, Jacobiasca formosana, a kind of insect that feeds on tea, will appear in the tea gardens. These insects suck the juices of leaves to oxidize tea leaves and produce honey-like aroma.

Many conditions are constrained, creating their noble and rare status. The tea soup has a natural ripe fruit aroma, with a honey-like sweet flavor. The tea leaves are bright and colorful with obvious red, white, yellow, brown, and green colors. The shape naturally curls like flowers, and the tea soup is bright amber.