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Ruby Tear


  • Origin | Lishan, Renai, Nantou, Taiwann
  • Origin Altitude | 1600 Meter
  • Dry Leaves | Ball Shap
  • Roasting Degree | Light-roasting
  • Fermentation Degree | Heavy fermentation
  • Liquor Colour | Orange yellow
  • Aromas | Fresh honey aroma
  • Flavors | Brown sugar flavor
  • Specification | 150g

Hongshui Oolong from Lishan is a production we are really proud of. Ice drop is easy but to make it without any bitterness and astringency is hard. Without any sugar like our persist, its natural high fragrance sweetness will amaze you. Unlike other handmade drink stores, here we provide all natural and classic healthy drinks for you.

With our tea garden situated about 1600 meters in Lishan. We make our Ruby Tear with full fermented process. With dark orange-yellow color, it gives off fresh honey aroma. Because of the full fermentation, it brings a great aftertaste and the natural sweetness just make individuals addicted.