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Orchid Four Season


  • Origin | Mingjian, Nantou, Taiwan
  • Origin Altitude | 500 Meter
  • Dry Leaves | Ball shap
  • Roasting Degree | Non-roasting
  • Fermentation Degree | Light fermentation
  • Liquor Colour | Light green
  • Aromas | Orchid floral and pastoral grassy fragrance
  • Flavors | Grass flavor
  • Specification | 150g

In our cold brew selection, Orchid Four Season is a kind with lightest flavor and high fragrance. Using Four Season tea in Mingjian Township, Nantou County as base material. With light fermentation and non-roasting process, it keeps its charming pastoral grassy flavor. Its like a large field of grassland with dew and grassy smell which comforts people's mind. To make it more layered taste, we added orchid flower on purpose. It makes the aftertaste even stronger with orchid floral fragrance.