Cold brew
Shi Jian Tea Cold Brew

| About Cold Brew | 

Over the course of 2 years, Shi Jian Tea’s co founder Franco spent countless hours painstakingly experimenting with flavors and brewing methods to find the right brew for his tea leaves. Combining his depth and breadth of professional experience and background in tea, Franco developed 4 distinct concepts of presenting Shi Jian Tea’s exquisite tea selection, which are eventually categorized into: Hot Brew, Brew over Ice, Cold Brew and Ice Drip Tea. Shi Jian Tea’s exquisite tea brews apply modern design concepts and attention to subtle details in product design, which in turn further accentuates the unparalleled natural and pure flavors of tea.

Shi Jian Tea’s cold brew is presented in a visually appealing clear glass bottle which highlights the distinct liquor of the tea brew in different hues of gold and yellow. The bottle’s design is fronted by a perpetual time dial that features hour markers and visually enhanced numerals of 00, 05 and 10, which individually represents the degrees of oxidation and fermentation of the tea brew it contains, as well as the characteristics of the roast. The unique and rounded edges of the thin glass bottle is accompanied with a narrow neck and small bottle opening at the mouth, a perfect alchemy of form and function, presenting the simple yet natural flavors of a tea inspired lifestyle.

| Cold Brew Selection |

00 Orchid Four Season
By taking advantage of the natural flavor absorbing characteristics of the tea leaves, we selected fresh orchid flowers for this blend. Using the flower to tea leaves ratio of 1:4, the flavor and aroma of the orchid flowers are married with the Four Seasons Oolong to create one of the lightest and freshest flavors of Shi Jian Tea’s cold brew tea selection.
# ending notes of sweet floral berries

05 Light Roasted Oolong
The Taiwanese Jin Xuan Oolong is a semi fermented and oxidized tea, which is often characterized by its mild milky aroma. After a further 3 to 4 hours of roasting, the leaves when cold brewed present a milky yet malty flavor, akin to taking a bite of freshly baked Parisian croissant.
#freshly baked croissant

10 Small-Leaf Black 
The hand picked young leaves of the tea plant which are usually reserved for oolong tea production, are instead produced using the fully oxidized and roasted black tea production method. The result of such a combination is a tea brew that is naturally sweet in flavor and presents a woody aroma with hints of ripe fruit. 
#oolong and black tea all in one
#No.1 Cold Brew Tea

10 Heavy Roasted Oolong
Our experience tells that using the leaves harvested from old oolong trees, combined with roasting at high temperatures and cold brewed for an extended period of time will result in a extraction of flavors that are well rounded and balanced. Akin to hand rolled tobacco, the flavors of this tea are robust, smoky and mature.
#smoky & robust